b. 1986, HK.


Daria Dunkelbier inscribed herself onto the face of the earth in Frankfurt/Main, in 1992. 

Daria was intrigued by visual representations of the real world from an early age. So, in 2011, she finally put pen to paper on a design course at FH Potsdam. Since 2015, she is putting her illustrious illustrating and design skills to work as a freelance illustrator, graphic and book designer. 

Her colourful imagery and visual language is particularly visible in her hand lettering work that has already been put to good use in Germany, Austria and Australia – and especially in interior design projects. Her analog and digital work has widely been published in various magazines and design blogs. 

E-mail: dariadunkelbier@gmail.com
Instagram: @dariadunkelbier
Twitter: @DariaDunkelbier 


Daria Thies | Reichenberger Straße 9 | 10999 Berlin






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